The way to enjoy this summer the most hotly!
Is together with being able to experience the one and only XIA
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Let’s ‪#‎enjoy‬ this summer with ‪#‎CJeS‬ XIA and his new album which will be out the end of May!
Stay tuned in CJeS entertainment.
I bet it would be superb!

Album description

At the end of May 2016, XIA will be releasing his fourth regular album < XIGNATURE >.

The compound word of XIA and SIGNATURE, < XIGNATURE > contains a sense where there is music that can be done only by XIA. Saying, “I want to show differentiated colors than not be complacent in ‘my own style’,” XIA widened more of his musical spectrum, in his album this time; challenging a dance-performance song and various genres, of course, like Hip Hop, Electronic Dance Music (EDM), R&B, Urban, Tango and etc.

XIA who has unfolded collaboration works with many artists in every album he’s released. In this album, there were completed the hottest 13 tracks that will heat up this summer with songs worked on with new artists –like singer-songwriter Seonwoo Jeonga who has her own distinctive musical color and artist Jung Key who captivated listeners with strong emotions– and, of course, XIA’s own songs.

The new album of XIA who is adding curiosity, starting with releases of dream-like and sexy teasers images. The summer that’s striking beforehand, refreshingly wake up with XIA’s music!

Source: JYJ Official Facebook
Translations by: rilanna of JYJ3
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