[Other Instagram] 160513 Nylon Korea Instagram Update: XIA will be featured in June issue

[PHOTO] [NYLON STAR] <나일론>이 곧 정규 4집<XIGNATURE>로 돌아올 뮤지션 김준수와 만났습니다. 그의 뮤지컬에 대한 깊은 애정과 음악에 대한 덤덤하고 깊이 있는 견해를 들을 수 있었어요. 6월호 발매일인 18일이 되기 전, 비하인드 컷 한장을 여러 분과 나눕니다. photo by Zoo Yong Gyun #나일론코리아 #김준수 #시아 #xignature #정규4집 #6월호완판기대 #6월호에서만나요

[NYLON STAR] <Nylon> will be meeting you with Kim Junsu, the musician who will return with his regular 4th album <XIGNATURE> soon. You can hear about his calming and in-depth views about deep affections and music toward his musical. Before the 18th when it will be released in our June issue, we are sharing a sheet of behind cut with everyone. Photo by Zoo Yong Gyun #Nylon_Korea #KimJunsu #XIA #xignature #regular_4th_album #expect_sold_out_of_June_issue #will_meet_you_in_June_issue

Source: nylonkorea
Translation by: rilanna of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3 + InsaJJ


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