The artist who loves Asia, Kim Junsu and everything of his Asia Tour!

Hong Kong that garnered ‘2016 XIA 5th ASIA TOUR CONCERT”s finale!

“While doing the Asia Tour, he had received a lot of love as much as he can never repay he has in a lifetime to really feel. He would like to pledge his word to do his best to not forget this heart in the future and every time he sings at every moment”

XIA who was shown gratitude beyond description and infinite fan loves on the last day! A total of 8 cities at the same time with his regular 4th album <XIGNATURE>, spending a meaningful time meeting with as many as 120,000 fans, and having created his best-ever in each and every performance that fits the wording ‘see-it-to-believe-it concert’!

Put away your regrets briefly and seeing him again with musical <Dorian Gray> at Seongnam Arts Center on September 3rd~

Ending this weekend happily together with XIA~♥

Source: CJeS Ent.’s KakaoTalk
Translations by: rilanna of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3 + InsaJJ