[Other Facebook] 160822 C-JeS Culture Facebook Update – ‘Dorian Gray’ Kim Junsu & Park Eun-tae to be featured in September 2016 issue of ‘Scene PLAYBILL’ Magazine


Announcement! Musical <Dorian Gray>’s news for one week!
Kim Junsu’s best-ever music video will be released on Wednesday!
Heart-racing over Musical <Dorian Gray> already! Forecast!
Bringing you the news of this week’s release^^

1. Kim Junsu ‘또 다른 나(Another Me)’ music video
-Date & Time: 2016 August 24 (Wed) at 2 PM [KST]

2. Czech filming scenes behind video
-Date & Time: 2016 August 26 (Friday) at 2 PM [KST]

3. <Dorian Gray> to be published as Scene PLAYBILL’s September issue’s cover story! Including Kim Junsu & Park Eun-tae’s interview, pictorial, and various stories up to creative-writing interviews together, it will be published on August 25 (Thur)!

#musical #DorianGray #MUSICAL #DORIANGRAY #music_video #behind_video #Scene_PLAYBILL #cover-page_pictorial_interview
#KimJunsu_Dorian #ParkEun-tae_Henry #ChoiJae-woong_Basil #Interpark #Yes24 #HanaTicket #opening_on_September_3rd #SeongnamArtsCenter #OperaHouse

A weekly #notice of the musical ‘Dorian Gray!’ On this Wed, the #wonderful M/V of #KimJunSu will be out. Let’s #look forward to it & #check below more in detail 4 this week news. Can’t wait the grand-opening day, Sep 3rd!

The M/V of Kim Junsu ‘Another Me’ on Aug 24th at 2pm
The behind-the-scenes of Czech-shooting moments on Aug 26th at 2pm
‘Scene Playbill’ magazine Sep issue will be released, carrying a fabulous cover shot of Kim Junsu & Park Euntae and their interview on Aug 25th. Can’t wait!

Source: C-JeS Culture Facebook
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3 + InsaJJ


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