[Pic + Info] 160901 Tohoshinki(東方神起)’s Remix Album「Two of Us」to be released on Oct. 5th, 2016

2016.10.05 (wed.) Release
東方神起 Remix Album「Two of Us」

01. Intro ~The Dawn Sky~
02. Baby don’t cry -Two of Us ver.-
03. Believe In U -Two of Us ver.-
04. Sweat -Two of Us ver.-
05. Interlude ~This Dear Ocean~
06. 逢いたくて逢いたくてたまらない -Two of Us ver.-
07. One More Thing -Two of Us ver.-
08. In Our Time -Two of Us ver.-
09. OCEAN -Two of Us ver.-
10. Interlude ~Sinking Sun~
11. Duet -Two of Us ver.-
12. Interlude ~Blue Moment~
13. One and Only One -Two of Us ver.-
14. Time Works Wonders -Two of Us ver.-
15. Chandelier -Two of Us ver.-
16. Weep -Two of Us ver.-
17. Outro ~Silence of The Night~

Source: toho-jp
E-trans by: @TVXQSound
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