[Video + Info] 2015 Kim Jaejoong J-Party in YOKOHAMA DVD (Limited Edition)

Site: https://www.jaejoong-2015jparty-in-japan.com


2015 Kim Jaejoong J-Party in YOKOHAMA on January 26th, first time celebrated in Japan,memories before his military enlistment.



Price 7,400 yen (£ 7,992 including tax 8%)

Additional shipping 745 yen
One per order

STEP1: pre-registration

Send a blank email to jvd.confirm@fofa.jp and you will receivie instructions, specify reception set the domain “jaejoong-2015jparty-in-japan.com”

STEP2: Application

On October 11, at 21:00 It will start to accept pre-orders
This DVD (Region 2), Limited edition,

About DVD:

Japan domestic record (Region 2) will sell 10,000 set
Japanese subtitles (except for English lyrics)
Region Code 1 For North America
English Subtitles with, Simplified Chinese subtitles (Except For Songs)
DVD3 Disc



DISC 1: Fan Meeting 01
About 77 minutes

僕のそばに / Bar J / 妄想ですが何か? / Good-Bye Days

Disc 2: Fan Meeting 02
About 75 minutes

ジェジュンが○○だったら / 9 + 1 # / Brighter / Glamorous Sky / Just Another Girl

Disc 3: Making the video
About 21 minutes

Opening Filming / Yokohama Arena

Please note  the contents of the product, specifications, benefits are subject to change without notice.



Photo Album
Fan Meeting, rehearsal and behind-the-scenes, Photo Album is about 100 pages

Mini Posters
Best six shots

Credit: jaejoong-2015jparty-in-japanjvdco
Shared by: JYJ3 + InsaJJ


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